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Roof Installation

Roofing Installation is the process of having a new roof added to your building or structure. Roofing installation generally refers to a brand new building; however, some people will of course add a new roof to an existing building.

Roofing installation requires the foundation (the truss or trusses) are installed and then the outer layers of materials are applied. This can of course vary from building to building. There are many different types of roof which include:

Asphalt, metal, tin, slate, rubber, tile etc and each one, has a unique installation process due to the different supporting materials needed.

We are experienced in all forms of roof installation and cover all residential roofing – houses, garages and extensions. We also deal in commercial roofing and are experienced in terms of large commercial warehouse roofs and of course, smaller commercial property roofs.

Regardless of how big or small the roof is, we can help. Our experienced team can offer the skills to get the job done at a competitive cost and we can offer finance options to spread the cost if required.

Simply contact us and we will discuss your requirements in greater detail and outline the various options available to you.